Research Translation

Research Translation


As a DNP, you are preparing a research project on assessing the effectiveness of evidence-based practice implementation in management of alcohol and substance use disorder in healthcare organization. Address the following as it patterns to the project;

1.How do stakeholders describe and measure quality in this organization or functional
unit? who owns the data?
2.What quality improvement activities are underway in the organization or functional
3.What are the quality goals of the group [or organization]?
4.Has the group [organization] been successful in it quality improvement efforts? 

5.  Have there been failures in the work or quality improvement? 

6.  What are the baseline measures of quality before the project begins?
7. What is the level of quality below which performance must not fall?
8. How is benchmarking accomplished?
9. Who are the stakeholders?

Document this assignment in 2 pages word document including 3 references published in last 5 years.