Research findings

Research findings


Please read chapters 22 and 23 in your class textbook. Presenting your research findings and presenting your research results.

What are some suggestions that you would like to share regarding disseminating your research findings? How would you present them for presentation or defense? Additionally, discuss the rationale and responsibilities for publication of your research.

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hapter 22 Presenting your research findings 

Now class, now that you have completed your research. You have identified your problem, conducted your literature review, designed your study, collected data, implemented a methodology, analyzed your results, discussed the findings, as wall as significance, and made your conclusions. It is now time to present your studies whether it is for a thesis or dissertation defense. The goal of any research study is the dissemination of evidence, most notably is publication. I am going to ask that each one of you, please do not allow your scholarly works to become lost and never published. Our jobs as nurses is to share evidence and ensure that it is implemented to advance the profession.

Below please note the following tips on presenting your research effectively and

Article Link: Presenting your research effectively…

Article Link: How to present a research paper using PowerPoint

Chapter 23 Publishing your research results               

As previously emphasized, do not allow your research to go unrecognized. We have the responsibility to share our scientific information.

Video: How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper

Video: How to Get Published in a Peer-Review Journal: Presentation

Video: How to get your paper published

Article Link: How to publish your journal paper

Follow the tips presented in these videos. Please review these video.