report outline

report outline


Select an organization, Identify your client company and its location. This can be commercial or non-profit (but not government), small or large. It may be part of an industry in which you would like to work after graduation. If the organisation has more than one location (e.g., multinational corporation), your focus should be on analysing the business environment from one location. 

Cover these 3 points in your outline:

Explain your understanding of the four different lenses(Socio-Cultural/Economic & Globalisation/Sustainability/Political-Legal) that are relevant and important to your client

  • company’s business environment. How will looking at different lenses of the external environment

help your client company?

Find one relevant issue for each of the four different lenses that you might discuss 

and identify the level it occurs on 

  • Which course concepts will help you analyse your identified issues and why?

Include at least four specific sources of information that support these issues (Harvard referencing expected).

  • The information sources must be about the external environment, not the client company.

Must not be a PESTLE or SWOT created by someone else – this does not demonstrate your

  • knowledge and skills and risks committing plagiarism.