Report 2 – Population Estimation

Report 2 – Population Estimation


Provide answers for the population estimates for Lepomis macrochirus using the data generated in lab.  Estimate population size using:

Lincoln-Peterson Index

Recapture probability

Schnabel method

Confidence intervals 

Additionally, answer the following questions:

What’s your objective? Is there a hypothesis?  Is this inductive or deductive approach?  How could you use data such as this in subsequent studies?

What would happen to your estimate if individuals migrated into the population?  What if some died between capture events?

Does clipping affect survivability?  How so?  If so, what does this do to your estimate?

Do all individuals have an equal chance of being captured?  How does this influence your estimate?

How could you convert your estimate into a density?  What are the implications of your estimate for other hypothetical populations in this pond?