Read article and answer questions

Read article and answer questions


Read article and answer below questions…

          Study aims

        study objectives

        Research questions

  • Study design (e.g., pre-experimental, quasi-experimental, true-experimental)
  • Study setting
  • Reasoning for this study design
  • Is there a control or comparison group, describe how the participants are assigned.
  • Describe the study design 
  • discuss the study design strengths and weaknesses.
  • Are there any ethical issues related to this design?
    • Study population,  sample size
    • Eligibility criteria (who is eligible to participate this study)
    • Sampling strategy/method (how is study participants assigned)
      • whether this is a probability or a non-probability sample and the specific type that will be used (e.g., a probability sample using simple random sampling, or a non-probability convenience sample)
    • Recruitment strategy
    • Discuss the informed consent procedures
    • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your sampling plan.
    • Are there any ethical issues related to this sampling plan?
  • Measurement
    • what are the independent and dependent variables (outcome variables)
    • identify and describe at least one measure of a study outcome
      • conceptual definition of the variable
      • operational definition – how to measure it? i.e. you may use a standardized scale to measure it. Describe the scale.
      • Is this scale a good measure? Reliability and validity, strengths and weakness. Is the measure culturally appropriate and sensitive? Any ethical issues?
  • Intervention fidelity assessment
    • How intervention fidelity  is assessed?
    •  Any fidelity indicators?
    • Discuss the strengths and limitation of the proposed methods
    • When, where, how and by whom was the data  collected?
      • If there are multiple pre- and post-test observations, describe them for each time data will be collected
      • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the data collection plan
      • Are there any ethical issues? Are they culturally appropriate and sensitive?

Dissemination Plan 

  • Identify two strategies for disseminating the research findings