Rasmussen College Social Movements Discussion

Rasmussen College Social Movements Discussion

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Marta, 21, is a Sociology student at We Are The World University. Marta has friends of all backgrounds and is active with several clubs on campus. As part of a young culture in which societal norms have progressively changed towards acceptance of social differences, Marta understands that inequities continue to exist. Because of her outspoken nature and appreciation for advocacy, Marta’s professor, Dr. Lane, asked her to appear on a panel hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs. The topic is on how social movements affect social change in American society. During the Q & A portion of the program in which audience members can ask questions, one audience member stands at the podium and states the following:

“Hi, I’m Chase and I am a senior in the School of Engineering. I proudly identify as being gay. I wanted to touch on sexual socialization and how sexual socialization can be educational because it defines the way that we are taught to demonstrate sexuality. We learn messages from the media, our parents, teachers, and even religion that helps us to understand those things that are socially appropriate. The question I have is for Marta. How would you say different social movements and the impact of these social movements have (past and present) assisted towards where we are today with being more open and tolerant of sexuality in our society?”