question response

question response


What is Marketing defined as, from our chapter? What are the 4 P’s? Describe in your own words

What is IMC – integrated marketing communications?

  1. What is Advertising?
  2. In marketing, what is the difference between social responsibility and ethics? 
  3. What is the abundance principle?
  4. Why is it important the government regulates advertising of some products? Give an example to backup your reason
  5. b-
  6. Do some research and provide an example an IMC campaign you thought was highly effective

Why do you think this was very effective?  

How did the creative combined with all of the platforms where this ad appeared work so well?

  1. c-
  2. Explain in your own words how advertising is a Social Force, from our chapter. 
  3. Give an example of a product that you believe was marketed/advertised unethically

Provide an example of a government agency that regulates advertising and what industry/type of products they focus on specifically