PUBH 6127 Walden University Interaction with a Changing Health System Case Study

PUBH 6127 Walden University Interaction with a Changing Health System Case Study


Discussion: Case Study: Interaction with a Changing Health System

The health care system in the United States is undergoing a transformation.  One of the clearest signs of this is the emergence of pharmacy clinics, specialty hospitals, and other health care settings that continue to grow in number.  Much of this has come about as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  The ACA encouraged new models and innovation in an effort to control cost, improve quality, and achieve positive population health outcomes.

This three-fold aim is often cited as the framework by which health system improvement must be addressed.  We cannot have any one part of the aim left out: we can have quality coverage for everyone, but not at a high cost.  We can have inexpensive coverage for everyone, but not at a poor quality.  Last, we can have quality coverage, but it must be accessible to everyone.

With this week’s case study discussion, you’ll be meeting different experiences of this health care transformation currently under way.  Developments are influencing how business provide coverage, how people access coverage, and the steps being undertaken to ensure quality improvement in health care.  Please review the resources for this module and join the discussion focused on one specific case.   Integrate some of the first components of a Health Policy Analysis: brief statements on the problems, some on the landscape, and some background.


The Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus continues to worry communities. There’s now concern over the next variant.  Maria, a 72-year-old Latina widow, was scheduled to receive her 3rd Pfizer vaccine dose when she contracted Covid-19.  The variant she contracted is unclear, but the first two shots of the Pfizer vaccine kept her symptoms from becoming life-threatening.  The diagnosis of the type of Covid-19 she contracted is delayed and she is getting frustrated by her limited English and her provider’s limited Spanish. An appointment with a Community Health Worker was scheduled, but it’s taking too much time.

Post your initial response to the case study.

Identify the role of the social determinants of health in the case study and explain the role of public health in addressing these.

Explain how the quality of the health service is an issue within this case study

Describe the quality improvement mechanisms that could be leveraged.