Psychology Research analysis worksheet

Psychology Research analysis worksheet


Article of failed research


Sometimes bad research is easy to spot…like in the above example. We may scratch our heads wondering why someone would design such a study. For this exercise, I want you to get in the habit of spotting and accessing quality research. You will be expected to identify and retrieve your choice of psychological research found among peer-reviewed journal articles (Galileo).  A second purpose of this exercise is to hone your skills in critically analyzing psychological research. Although peer-reviewed journal articles are widely regarded as valid and reliable, scientists routinely conduct replication studies or follow-up research to further explore the veracity of claims. It is not unusual, therefore, to look upon all research with a fine lens to identify strengths and weaknesses.


Use Galileo, the Online USG Library, (or campus library) to browse and select an appropriate research article. The following criteria should be met: 

The article is specific to psychology (but can address any topic within the discipline).

The article is Peer-Reviewed (select this filter in Galileo).

The article has a Full Text link (select this filter in Galileo).

The article was published within the last 10 years.

Read your article thoroughly and with a critical eye for the quality of the design and content. Answer the 10 questions on the Psychology Research Analysis Worksheet. Submit your typed answers no later than the due date.