Project Innovation and Management PPT

Project Innovation and Management PPT


Box Prototype Field Experience


To explore the areas of product innovation and project management by taking a concept from initial customer interview through to prototype completion.


Identify a client and build a small box* for them.

Develop a list of questions and interview the client concerning preferences, needs, and wants that can be satisfied by having a box. Your client is a one-person focus group. If stumped on ideas, discuss their interests, hobbies, lifestyles, possessions, etc.

Outline a project management plan to complete the project.

  1. Sketch a design and present it to the client.
  2. Get the client’s feedback and revise the sketch.
  3. Purchase or scavenge the materials necessary for the box. You have a budget of $25 to spend. The box is to be made from wood or metal. You may use scrap pieces and other materials found around the home (e.g. glue, nails, etc). Do not use cardboard. Do not purchase a box and decorate or modify it.
  4. Build the box. This is your prototype. Take selfies of you actually building the box and the finished product. Show your face.
  5. Present the box to the client and obtain feedback. Take selfies of you presenting the box to the client.
  6. *Examples of boxes undertaken in the class are ones for loose items, jewelry, keepsakes, remotes, and plants.
  7. Deliverables
  8. Report: Prepare a report that details your experiences and analysis. 

The following should be the structure of your report:


Information about Client – discuss your client and why you chose them.

Project Management Plan – provide a plan. Explain your project management plan and how you developed it.

Initial Interview with Client – summarize questions asked and responses from the client. Explore your initial interviews and how you developed the concept for the box.

Sketches – provide an initial sketch, explore client’s feedback, provide a revised sketch. 

  1. Process – explain the process you went through in building the box from material acquisition through final product.
  2. Client’s Reaction – explore the client’s reaction to receiving the finished box
  3. Analysis – research six sources on product innovation and project management.
  4. Explore research from three references from the textbook (at least one substantive paragraph per source)
  5. Explore research from three external sources (at least one substantive paragraph per source)
  6. Tie in Research with Experiences
  7. Thoughts on product innovation and project management
  8. Conclusion – what you are taking away from the exercise? What did you like about what you did? What would you have done differently?