primary source analysis

primary source analysis


Your primary source analysis will be primarily evaluated on how well you analyze its historical significance — the “so what?”
Some examples of potential questions and/or directions that you can pursue for this are:

  • What can the source tell us about the historical setting in which it was produced? Historical context?
  • What is not being said or shown in the source? What might the significance of this “gap” be?

What can this source tell us about a particular aspect(s) of Chinese history?

  • How might it relate to weekly themes, readings, and/or lecture material?

How might it help us better understand Chinese history?

What might its methodological significance be?

  • What might some of its limitations be in terms of historical analysis? Or rather, what ought to be considered when analyzing this source?
  • These are just suggestions. You obviously do not need to include everything. If you can think of another direction that is critically evaluative/analytical, then by all means, please pursue it.
  • The Journey to the West or A Dream in Red Mansions