Present the vita, career, and impact of a Corporate Entrepreneur

Present the vita, career, and impact of a Corporate Entrepreneur


Write one single spaced page about the “Passion and Drivers” of “Ghazi Abdul Rahman Al Gosaibis” as a part of the following assignment. 

General Instruction to make you aware of the whole assignment: 

The Final Group Project should present the vita, career, and impact of a Corporate Entrepreneur.

If you decide to pick a well-known individual, please make sure you go beyond the known aspects. 

This guideline may help you develop your final report. However, there is no single best way to do so. Every Corporate Entrepreneur is different. It is thus important to use your judgement to prioritize different sections, according to the individual you have chosen. Let me remind you that we are in Corporate Entrepreneurship, not in Entrepreneurial Venturing. This Report is not about Entrepreneurs who built startups and unicorns, it is about discussing Intrapreneurs who have innovated within an existing company, creating a new business line, product, enter a new market/ customer segment, or or or. It’s about finding those champions who pushed and developed new endeavors within an existing organization.

In the following I am adding some color to the high-level structure of the report and how you can draw conclusions aligned to the subject of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Report Outline

Your report should be no longer than 5 pages in text (excluding cover sheet and appendices) and 10 pages in total (A4, Times and New Roman 12, Single-spaced, 1-inch Margin). On the cover page, please list your project title and names of all team members.

Your report could contain the following:

Executive      Summary – Why Her / Him?

Vita      and Career

Passion      and Drivers

Key      Successes and Failures

Impact      on Business, People, Culture, Ecosystem and More

Key      Learning from the Corporate Entrepreneur for yourself, your career,      Aramco, other companies, and individuals etc.

Please note that the above are merely suggestions on what to include into your description. Every Corporate Entrepreneur is different, so different aspects of her / his vitae are important to cover. In the end, the task here is to outline the significance of the individual to the ecosystem and what we can learn from them. Again, please think corporate,