Poetry Essay

Poetry Essay


I wanted to close out our focus on the literary genre of poetry by considering how music and poetry are similar in many ways–a song’s verses are similar to a poem’s stanzas; a song’s chorus is similar to a poem’s repetition of certain key lines (like Angelou’s “I Rise, I Rise, I Rise”); and both music and poetry use rhythm, pacing, line breaks, and flow. Another interesting parallel between American literature and American music is that some of the most remembered artists in both fields have used their work to comment on or critique our society in one way or another. I asked you to read the short article about singer and songwriter Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in order to help us think about the ways in which the boundaries of these two artistic forms intersect or blur together.

For today’s forum, choose a song in any genre that you think can be considered American literature or that touches upon an aspect of American history, culture, or society that you think is important. Google the song lyrics and COPY AND PASTE the entire song directly into your thread, so that everyone can read the lyrics before they read your post (please use the keys Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste – Blackboard will not allow you to copy/paste using your mouse). If you want, you can also embed a video of the song into your post, in addition to posting the lyrics.

Then, write a 300-word analysis in which you explain what you think the song is about, how it relates to our course themes or other readings we’ve discussed this semester, and why it could be considered part of American literature. Include an analysis of at least one specific line or verse from the song that you think is especially significant.