Planning Successful Presentations – Cyber Bullying

Planning Successful Presentations – Cyber Bullying



Create a 6-slide presentation with 100 speaker notes for each slide (first slide/topic slide and reference side are not counted)

This week, you’ll create a presentation based on the problem-solution essay you submitted in Week 6. As a visual reference, the organizational structure of your presentation should look something like this. 

First Slide: Title—Your Name, Topic, Course, and Date

Second Slide: Introduction—Discuss why you chose your topic and why you think it is important. Provide a clear thesis statement.

Third and Fourth Slides: Problem analysis—What is causing the problem? Is it getting worse? What will happen if we fail to act?

Fifth and Sixth Slides: Solutions—Discuss a range of possible solutions. Select the best one and convince your audience it is the best choice. 

Seventh Slide: Conclusion—Provide a recap of your argument and make a final call to action.

Eighth Slide: References—Remember to include references for all cited material and images used.

TOPIC:  cyberbullying problem solution