PHT270 j

PHT270 j


Question 10.5 pts 

A raw file contains unprocessed picture data from a digital camera’s image sensor.

Group of answer choicesTrue


Flag question: Question 2Question 21 pts

Choose correct characteristics when comparing 8 bit and 16 bit files.

Group of answer choicessmaller in size 

[ Choose ] 8 bit file 16 bit file 

larger in size

[ Choose ] 8 bit file 16 bit file 

more tones

[ Choose ] 8 bit file 16 bit file 

less tones

[ Choose ] 8 bit file 16 bit file 

Good for web use

[ Choose ] 8 bit file 16 bit file 

Good for printing

[ Choose ] 8 bit file 16 bit file 

Flag question: Question 3Question 31 pts

Choose all that applies to describe the characteristics of a JPEG file.

Group of answer choicesNon compression format

Saves 8 bit information

always compresses image data

16 bit data can be saved

Universal image file format

Processed image data

Layers, masks, alpha channels, and/or vector graphic information can be saved

Unprocessed image data

Smaller than Tiff in file size

Flag question: Question 4Question 40.6 pts

Histogram represents color and tonal information about the selected image.

Group of answer choicesTrue


Flag question: Question 5Question 50.9 pts

can be used for getting specific color information (RGB, CMYK, etc…) of areas in an image . It can be useful for  in Photoshop. These color-sampled areas can be used as reference points to determine how  the image is. 

Choose the correct terms from the following list. 

Adobe Camera Raw

adjustment layers

color correction

Color Sampler Tool

numerically neutral

Flag question: Question 6Question 61 pts

If an image is too blue overall, which color should you add to make it neutral and white balanced?

Group of answer choicesGreen





Flag question: Question 7Question 70.5 pts

Which is a selection tool?

Group of answer choicesRectangular Marquee Tool


Healing Brush

Burn Tool

Flag question: Question 8Question 80.5 pts

Which is NOT a selection tool?

Group of answer choicesGradient Tool

Polygonal Lasso Tool

Magic Wand Tool

Color Range

Flag question: Question 9Question 90.5 pts

What is the main benefit to using adjustment layers?

Group of answer choicesNon-destructive




Flag question: Question 10Question 100.5 pts

Since adjustment layers are very flexible, what is/are some extra benefits that the possess?

Group of answer choicesYou can turn them on or off

You can change their opacity

You can change their blending mode

There is a built in layer mask for specific editing

All the above

Flag question: Question 11Question 110.5 pts

Having __________ allows you to edit different aspects of your Photoshop files separately without effecting the other aspects.

Group of answer choicesRulers