Pennsylvania State University Analyzing and Evaluating Experiences Summary

Pennsylvania State University Analyzing and Evaluating Experiences Summary


Every day, we encounter multiple media: videos, print articles, music videos, visual arts, film, TV shows, and graphics. Instinctively, we make choices about what we see and hear. We like or dislike the media based on personal preferences, past experiences, and our knowledge. A character in a film may touch our hearts or may be unbelievable.

In this course, we strengthen our critical analysis skills by identifying specific elements and strategies used by the author or creator of selected pieces, and organize our thoughts based on rhetorical modes (strategies). To get started watch the video below.

For your initial post: 

Review the  Week 1 Discussion Example Week 1 Discussion Example – Alternative Formats

For your initial post, select one medium—film, TV show, music video, or printed piece.

Identify by title, author/creator/director and media

Post a URL if available (You Tube video or link)

Summarize the piece in one paragraph

Analyze the piece based on two rhetorical modes (strategies) in a second paragraph

Author’s note: Share your preference (like or dislike) for the selection and tell the audience why in a third paragraph.

Initial post should be a minimum of 250 words and posted by Wednesday.

Peer Responses:  

Choose two peers’ posts, read/watch their selection, and respond to their post by answering the following questions:

  • Did your peer summarize the selection well? 
  • Compare or contrast it to another similar piece with which you are familiar. It can be another film, TV show, music video, or printed piece in the same genre.
  • Was the peer’s analysis supported by identifying two strategies? Give a specific example of what was done well. Make a suggestion of what could be included.
  • What one improvement or clarification would make the peer post stronger?