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The prevalence and impact of substance abuse among nurses (impaired nursing) 

It is assumed that the prevalence of substance use disorder (SUD) among nurses is comparable to that of the general population. However, it is unclear how the incidence of SUDs among nurses in the United States has been determined since most data are more than a decade out of date (Mumba & Kraemer, 2019). The implications of unmanaged substance abuse among health workers for patients may be devastating. Substance abuse hinders the careers of a sizable percentage of working adults. Substance abuse is the harmful use of psychoactive substances like alcohol and illegal narcotics. The pandemic of substance misuse has impacted many areas of healthcare. Substance-abusing nurses may have slowed reflexes and faulty decision-making. Nurses’ substance usage is a significant issue that has a detrimental effect on patient care. Researchers should look at how common drug addiction is among nurses and what causes it. Additionally, studies are required to determine how drug addiction influences patient treatment plans.

Since nurses are in a position to care for patients who may be battling with addiction, understanding the frequency and effect of drug misuse among nurses is an essential subject. Nurses who are also dealing with substance abuse may be fewer effective caregivers. Nursing substance misuse is a significant issue that directly affects patient care. Substance-abusing nurses increase the risk of medical mistakes, which might have severe consequences for their patients (Stewart & Mueller, 2018). Awareness of the incidence of drug addiction among nurses and its potential effects on patient care is crucial. As a result, productivity drops, which may affect the quality of care given to patients. This study’s results will aid in our growing awareness of the magnitude of the problem of drug addiction among nurses. As a result, nurses will be better able to treat and prevent drug misuse.


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