Patient Care Quality Presentation

Patient Care Quality Presentation


Choose from one of the following patient safety issues in nursing, and create a ten (10) slide (not including the title slide and reference slide) professional visual PowerPoint presentation.

Healthcare-associated infections 

Antibiotic resistance

  1. Personal protective equipment (PPE) protocol
  2. Hand hygiene
  3. Health IT issues
  4. Medication errors
  5. Workforce safety
  6. Transitions of care (hand off communication)
  7. Diagnostic errors
  8. Patient engagement
  9. Review the entire rubric to understand the full assignment criteria Patient Care Quality Presentation Rubric.
  10. For this presentation, make sure to use the speaker notes to advance the presentation. For more information about how to use speaker notes visit, Microsoft Support – PowerPoint Add speaker notes to your slides.
  11. Additionally, include two (2) APA Style references and citations on the last slide of the presentation. For more information on how to cite and reference in APA Style, visit the APA Resources page at the Hondros Online Library.

For information on how to use PowerPoint check the Hondros Library Power Point Resources.

  1. To view an example Power Point download the file here NUR 225 Nurse Patient Ratio PPT Presentation

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