Organized Labor & Union Benefits Discussion Questions

Organized Labor & Union Benefits Discussion Questions



One consequence of the global economy is the easy ability of companies to locate suppliers, manufacturers, and services offshore, in places such as the Philippines, China, and India. The outsourcing phenomenon has, as one might expect, caused tremendous consternation in the ranks of American workers. To what degree do you think that outsourcing has been a driver for the continued existence of organized labor? Do you believe that anxieties about outsourcing have been exaggerated? Do you agree with economists who argue that outsourcing low-skilled work to developing countries allows for the American economy to produce more highly-skilled positions? In this discussion, use examples from the press, your own experience, or the experience of others?


Union benefits are one of the most important issues that concern the ranks of organized labor. However, just as unions have changed in response to an ever-changing global economic climate, so has the American family. Describe the extent to which you think that the benefit needs of the unionized family has changed over time. What benefits do you think are more important today to members of organized labor than they were 20, 30, or 40 years ago? Are there benefits that should be provided to the American worker that are generally not provided by American employers? You may provide personal and/or professional examples from your background illustrate your answer.


Complete assigned reading: Content 5

This week pick one concept of interest from the content and then:

Define it, explain its importance for leading teams, provide additional research to describe it, and share a work-related example to show how it would or should apply to the workplace.