Odessa College HAZPOWER Discussion

Odessa College HAZPOWER Discussion

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The HAZWOPER standard purpose is to develop and implement a plan for responding to emergency releases so that responders can control the release in a safe and organized manner.

Have you ever heard of the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Standard or the Emergency Response Standard? Why is emergency response training (also known as training for responding to an emergency release or spill) important?

Search for a recent release in the news. Summarize the event. Does the information in the news lead you to believe that responders were able to control the release in a safe and organized manner?

Consider this scenario … You have been hired as the health, safety, and environmental specialist for a large manufacturing, machining, and welding shop. As you prepare for your first day on the job, you realize that you may be dealing with hazardous materials. Consider what kinds of hazardous substances you may see at the facility. Create a chart …

  1. List common hazardous materials that may be handled or dealt with (think fumes or exhausts, too) at the facility for each of the hazard classes that apply to the industry.
  2. Identify what type of substance it is – liquids, solids, gases, vapors, mists, and chemicals created by work operations (i.e., fumes or exhausts).
  3. Identify each material’s hazard class.