Nutrition Question

Nutrition Question


Lab Format for Glucose and Glycosylated Hemoglobin:

(5 points) Cover sheet – Include your first and last name, names of lab partners, date, lab exercise name and title, NFS 3101.01.

(5 points) Objectives – Restate the objectives using your own words. Remember to use bullet points.

(10 points) Raw Data – Recreate the data table from this lab and add your raw data to it. Include this data table in your lab report.

  1. (25 points) Calculations – Calculate the value of your unknown blood glucose concentration using the equation in the lab manual. Calculate your ratio of the glycohemoglobin standard and unknown and the percent glycohemoglobin for the unknown. Make sure you include your answers to your calculations in your lab report and discuss your findings in your conclusion.

(5 points) Assessment- State 3 things you learned or found interesting

  1. (15 points) Conclusion – Discuss your results. Be sure you compare the glucose concentration and the percent glycohemoglobin from your unknown values to “normal” human values.  Is your individual diabetic?  Pre-diabetic?   

(7 points per questions) Questions- Answer all the questions on the top of page 4 (questions 1&2) and bottom of page 7 (questions 1-3).

  1. it is going to be look like lab report example. I uploaded the tabla values.