NSU Management Quick Service Eatery Business Report

NSU Management Quick Service Eatery Business Report


You are required to select one business concept to pursue their entire team’s products developed to date. Following the template in Appendix 3.2 of the textbook (p. 114), (Appendix 3.2 also available as a document), each person will evaluate ALLthe ideas and select the best idea to pursue. You are required to present the evaluation result of all ideas in the document.

The final report should have the following 5 components.

1.Name of the venture/Your name

2.A summary of the overall assessment: which business idea to pursue and why.

3.Develop a list of at least 30 “Have to Know” questions

4.An analysis of ALL ideas evaluated by using the template in Appendix 3.2.

5.Appendix: any extra work you’ve done