Northern Virginia Community College Cultural Identity Presentation

Northern Virginia Community College Cultural Identity Presentation


To complete this project successfully, you will need to engage in the critical thinking and communication goals for this course: 

Interpret and combine information to reach and/or evaluate well-reasoned conclusions about literature

Explain the complex ideas of others, as they relate to literature and its traditions

  • Develop, convey, and exchange ideas that focus on literary analysis
  • Develop writing that is appropriate to a given context and for a specific audience
  • Directions
  • The Remix 

For your remix, you might choose to create a video/short film, a photo essay, a painting, a brochure, a poster, a song, a poem, a skit, an “interview” with an author, a T-shirt, something you can cook, etc. This list is a starting point. Think about something YOU can create using tools that you already know. You are not expected to learn a new software program, editing program etc. to complete this project.

The Presentation

You will also use Studio to create a short, three-minute (maximum) presentation about your project. Since this project also serves as your final assessment, you’ll be asked to verify your identity first. The presentation will be uploaded to a class-wide discussion board so that everyone can see everyone else’s work. Since your audience will not have experience with your work, the presentation should cover

An explanation of your project: if you made or built your project, show viewers what you created and explain how you created it. If your project is digital, provide a link to the file and explain how you created it. (30 seconds to one minute)

An explanation about why you selected the alternative presentation form(s) that you chose for this project. (30 seconds to one minute)

A brief explanation about how you changed the content from your essay to fit the genre (type) for your presentation. What core ideas are carried over from your essay and how are they expressed in the remix project? (One to two minutes)