New York University Sanctions on Russia Essay Questions

New York University Sanctions on Russia Essay Questions

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In February of 2022, Russia launched an invasion of the Ukraine. This war and the actions of the Russian army during the war have been called a great human rights violation. For many reasons, western nations have not intervened with military action, but rather have imposed economic sanctions on Russia in hopes to make it harder for Russia to fight the war against the Ukraine. Read the short article below about the purpose of economic sanctions, pay close attention to the section titled :”Who is most impacted?”

Sanctions on Russia: What Are They and How Do They Work? (

A current globalization and global economy issue in sport, related to this topic, is the question of whether Russian athletes should be allowed to compete in international competition, given the current human rights violations of their country and the ongoing economic sanctions to punish the country for these actions. Some international sport governing bodies have banned Russian athletes and some have not. The following link provides a list of which sports have bans in place, if you are interested: Ukraine crisis: Which sports have banned Russian athletes? – BBC Sport

Read the following article that discusses both sides of this issue and respond to all of the discussion questions below. Feel free to also do your own research on the topic.

Should Russian Athletes Be Barred From Competition? – The New York Times (

1) Do you believe Russian athletes should be banned from international competitions while their country is invading the Ukraine? Why or why not?

2) Given your knowledge of economic sanctions from the first article, is the banning of Russian athletes from international competition just like the other economic sanctions being levied against the country? Why or why not?

3) List at least 1 positive and 1 negative consquence of implementing your decision from question 1. Why do you feel the positive outcomes from your decision to ban or to not ban Russian athletes from international competition outweigh the negatives?

4) Based on this discussion topic, do you think it’s possible for sport exist without being influenced by politics?