Musculoskeletal and Neurologic Systems Discussion

Musculoskeletal and Neurologic Systems Discussion


Assessing the Musculoskeletal and Neurologic Systems, Including Cranial Nerves (CN)

This week we will learn how to assess the musculoskeletal and neurologic systems using subjective and objective data. We will learn about each of the twelve cranial nerves (CN) and how to assess them.Now that you have had an opportunity to write a SOAPE note and discuss it with your classmates in Discussion 2.1: SOAPE Note, you will write another SOAPE note for this assignment and submit it to your instructor for evaluation and feedback. This will allow you to further refine your skills not only in nursing diagnosis but also in the type and style of writing required of a nursing professional.

Assignment Guidelines


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Step 1: Prepare

Step 2: Choose a Problem

Step 3: Complete the Form

Step 4: Export Your Form

Step 5: Submit Your Form

Step 1: Before you get started, be sure to review Topic 0.8: SOAPE Notes Guidelines (posted in Week 0: Early Access Week), then follow the steps below to complete this discussion activity.