MTSU Turnover Discussion

MTSU Turnover Discussion


Part A

What are the two most important (or useful, surprising) takeaways from the video for you?

Pick an organization, preferably an organization that you are working for now (or have worked for in the past), or an organization that someone you know (e.g., family, friend) have worked for. The key is that you know this organization in more depth than the rest of us in the class.  

Is turnover a major concern in this organization? What do you suspect was driving the high/low turnover rate (perhaps there was more than one factor that was causing it)? 

Hint: The video presented you with a few factors that you can choose from, but you don’t need to limit yourself to those factors.

Give us a 1-2 sentence description of the company (e.g., industry, size, type) to help us understand the turnover issue in a specific context. You could use a pseudonym for the company if you prefer.

If you (or your family, friend) were to leave the organization, what would be some examples of turnover costs associated with it? Give at least two examples, be specific, and elaborate a bit.

Hint: Pay attention to the 4 categories of costs (i.e., separation, replacement, training, lost productivity) and the specific types of costs under each category (textbook p.142-164). Make sure the 2 types of costs you discuss are under DIFFERENT categories.

It would be helpful if you give a brief description of the position, so that we can all better understand the costs you are referring to, and potentially WHY the costs you chose would be most significant (or why it stood out to you).

  • If you prefer to NOT talk about your position specifically, you can also pick any position in the organization and discuss the costs of that position.

Part B

Read your classmates’ discussion posts and post meaningful response comment on at least TWO of their posts (there is no maximum limit of posts). These two posts can be either responses to your classmates’ original posts, or responses to questions/arguments your classmates raised for you.

Suggested response topics (You don’t need to limit yourself only to these topics in your response)

What steps would you take (based on your experience and reading of various organizational phenomena) to help reduce turnover in your classmates’ organization?

What are some other types of costs do you think will be associated with him/her leaving the organization? Why?