MRU SOAP Note Adult Any Adult or Chronic Conditions Worksheet

MRU SOAP Note Adult Any Adult or Chronic Conditions Worksheet


his Week’s Topics

SOAP note: Adult (Any Adult or Chronic) Condition

Suggested Reading Material 

Sample SOAP Note

Mosby’s manual of diagnostic and laboratory test (6th ed)

  • Jarvis, C. (2016). Physical examination & health assessment. Seventh edition. St. Louis, Mo.: Elsevier


Formulate accurate differential diagnoses to promote health, prevent disease, and manage acute and chronic illness in adult and geriatric population.

Employs screening and diagnostic strategies in the development of diagnosis.

Demonstrate effective communication skills by performing culturally sensitive health assessment interviews 

Critically analyze data and evidence for improving health outcomes.

  • EPSLO’s
  • Integrate nursing and related sciences into the delivery of care to clients in diverse healthcare settings
  • Create effective interdisciplinary organizational and systems leadership in the care of clients in diverse care settings

Apply practice guidelines to improve practice and health outcomes 

Relate information and communication technologies to document and improve practice health outcomes 

Employ collaborative interprofessional strategies for improving client and population health outcomes.  

Evaluate the effectiveness of clinical prevention interventions that affect individual and population based-health outcomes, perform risk assessments, add design plans or programs of care.  

Relate knowledge of illness and disease management to providing evidence-based care to clients, communities, and vulnerable populations in an evolving healthcare delivery system. 

  • Instructions
  • Soap Note 2 Acute or Chronic Conditions (15 Points)
  • Pick any Chronic Disease from Weeks 6-10 (See Syllabus)
  • Must use the sample template for your soap note, keep this template for when you start clinicals.