Module 6 Ideal Woman Changes Questions

Module 6 Ideal Woman Changes Questions


This  week we’ll use this incredible PBS documentary resource to reinforce  our textbook learning and bring the past to life through visuals. This  video includes primary sources, such as oral histories and photographs,  and secondary sources, such as general commentary by experts about the  past. It’s a little under an hour. Thinking ahead to our Eff Your Beauty  Standards Project, pay close attention to how the women looked in the  past. You’ll be picking a decade to focus on for our project, so here’s a  chance to see how previous generations of American women defined  beauty.

Peer interaction this week will be on Pronto. We’ll discuss your project. 🙂
No peer replies are required in Canvas this week.

WATCH the assigned PBS Makers, Part 2 “Changing the World” online here:
PBS Makers – Part 2 “Changing the World” (54 minutes)Links to an external site.

1.  According to the PBS documentary, how did the image of the “ideal  woman” change throughout the decades discussed? Why did the expectations  of women change? Be specific and provide at least two evidence examples  (and cite them) from the documentary.

2. What was your golden  moment from the PBS documentary, meaning the event and/or person  discussed that was most interesting to you? Why? What did you learn? Be  specific.

3. What is ONE women’s history topic from this  documentary that is still an issue today? What has or hasn’t changed?  How does knowing the history behind the topic inform your understanding  of WHY we are where we are today?