MM250 MOD 3 Peer Responses

MM250 MOD 3 Peer Responses


Post 2: Reply to a Classmate

Select a question from a classmate’s initial response. Address all of the following. 

Rewrite the question so that it draws upon the alternate counting technique (e.g., if they posted initially about combinations, you will rewrite the question to relate to permutations, or vice versa). Try to keep the same number of how many people or items you may select from in total (n) and how many will make up the outcome (r).

Show the steps for determining the solution to the new question you have written.

Express the solution in a complete, narrative sentence, tying in some of the original context from the situation your classmate began and which you revised slightly with your new question, to clearly communicate your result.

  1. Post 3: Reply to Another Classmate
  2. Select a discussion thread in which both types of counting techniques have been applied. In complete, narrative sentences, summarize the results of applying the combinations versus permutations counting techniques in similar contexts by reviewing the different posts in this discussion thread. Use the following questions to develop your post:
  3. What was the total count of possible outcomes when applying combinations? When applying permutations?

How did the results differ between these two techniques?

Why does it make any difference whether you are concerned about the arrangement, or order, of the objects or not?

How much of an influence does this factor (i.e., order matters versus order does not matter) appear to have on the results?