Miami University Support Opportunities Essay

Miami University Support Opportunities Essay


Based on your previous work for this project so far, you are going to integrate your areas and topic of interest into some draft ideas for your overall adolescent support project!

In this submission:

Indicate the 2 areas of the García Coll model that you selected previously

Indicate your topic within adolescence from the earlier short answer assignment

  1. Draft 2-3 ideas for what you could CREATE as your adolescent support project

This is the public-facing element of your project that would be distributed to appropriate populations to address your chosen topic. 

  1. These ideas should keep in mind the first 2 points! For example, you wouldn’t create a brochure for parents if you were wanting to inform adolescents about the dangers of too little sleep.

Suggestions include but are in NO WAY LIMITED to: brochures, websites, interactive modules, presentations, videos, mini-courses, instagram series, and more!!

  1. Give a little bit of detail with each idea to show why you think it’s a good idea for your topic/audience and how it addresses the areas of the theoretical model

Continuing from the previous example, if I have selected Promoting/Inhibiting environments as one of my García-Coll model areas, and I have chosen the issue of vehicle safety, I might consider a project that is a combination of awareness/education and advocacy. I might create a presentation about vehicle safety as it pertains to adolescents in general and adolescent drivers, while highlighting specific promoting factors or inhibiting factors of the environment. What elements can a community have that increase safety? What are specific risks based on the environment? These would be addressed in my project.

  1. Note: This is a bit of a strange example as I am trying not to discuss commonly chosen issues. Please contact me for further clarification if you would like to discuss your specific ideas!