Miami University Moral Development Essay

Miami University Moral Development Essay


Based upon these readings about moral development, consider the many ways that identities and their development intersect. In particular, you will be examining how moral development and gender intersect in this reading assignment. Please carefully and fully respond to the following prompt:

First, describe how moral development and the theories around it are related to gender.

Why do you think moral development is included in identity development?

Consider religion, culture, nationality, politics and more as other contexts or elements of identity that intersect with morality. Select one element and do the following:

  1. Give a personal example or observation where moral development and another context or identity intersect. Be sure to describe in moderate detail so I can get a sense of the situation or scenario.

You are encouraged to respond in video, audio, or other alternative format of interest as long as you appropriately respond to the prompt.

  • Extra credit opportunity
  1. Locate an outside article or credible resource that examines the intersection of moral development with this other element in adolescence (from prompt part 2). Briefly describe it and the information it adds to your understanding of adolescent moral development. (2pts)