Miami University Infant Nutrition Discussion

Miami University Infant Nutrition Discussion


After watching the video clips related to Infancy, please briefly address the following questions:

What information surprised you or was of particular interest that you learned from these videos and why?

Culture and parenting choices (may be answered together in 1 larger paragraph)

How does culture play a part in the parents’ decision between breastmilk and formula?

  • What would you say is the prevailing culture currently around infant feeding?

How does new scientific evidence change cultural perceptions over time?

  • In what other areas of infant development could culture and societal pressures significantly influence parenting choices?

Remember to also make at least 2 comments on your peers’ posts. Consult the Canvas rubric for details.

Please avoid “pre-posting” (posting a blank or minimal post ahead of your actual intended post). By doing this, you’re circumventing a setting that I’ve enabled so that everyone has to post their thoughts prior to having access to what your classmates have said. This helps so that people don’t worry about repeating each other or changing their answers to fit what someone else said. If you pre-post, your grade may be impacted.