Miami University Comparing Child Development Theories Discussion

Miami University Comparing Child Development Theories Discussion


This part of your project will help you with the justification paper portion of your final submission. It will likely not be used as much for the public-facing element, but you should complete this stage as part of thinking more deeply about your topic and the angles/perspectives from which you can view it. 

You are now quite familiar with García Coll et al.’s model as it is a central lens through which you have been developing your project so far. For this assignment, you will be selecting another traditional developmental theory with which you will compare the García Coll model and your own project so far.

In this submission:

Indicate the 2 areas of the García Coll model that you selected previously

Indicate your topic within adolescence from the earlier short answer assignment

  1. Select a traditional developmental theory to use in your comparison and:

Describe the theory and how it was developed. Pay special attention to the populations upon which it was based and the limitations it may have.

  1. Compare this theory to the García Coll model with specific focus on the areas of the model that you selected.

How do these theories address adolescent development in similar and different ways?

  1. How might one account for the limitations of the other, and possibly vice-versa? 

How might you consider using elements of both together in your analysis and action to address the topic within adolescence that you are addressing?