Miami Dade College Wk 3 Baby Boomers Discussion Response

Miami Dade College Wk 3 Baby Boomers Discussion Response


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The fact that members of the baby boomer generation are now entering their senior years is one of the primary contributors to the widespread nurse shortage. There is a significant rise in demand for medical assistance, even though many individuals are leaving the labor field than entering it (Haddad et al., 2022). There is now a significant scarcity of nurses since even younger nurses have left the profession due to the exhaustion they have experienced from working during this pandemic (Haddad et al., 2022).

I believe that even if the industrialized nations devote more resources to retaining more nurses, they will still require the services of nurses from other countries for the next several decades. This is due to the baby boomer generation, which now needs care and will continue to require even more care as time goes on, in conjunction with the difficulty of entering the nursing profession, which results in a shortage of nurses each year (Haddad et al., 2022).

A Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to target would be “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” (ESCAP & World Health Organization, 2021). A nurse’s education in the benefits of physical activity, nutritious eating, and stress reduction can go a long way toward achieving this aim. The need for healthcare services will decrease whenever this occurs since the burden of sickness will decrease.