Miami Dade College Business Hypothesis Questions

Miami Dade College Business Hypothesis Questions


Assignment Week 5: Research Problem, Purpose, Hypothesis

Problem and Purpose

Is the problem clearly and concisely expressed early in the study?

Does the problem include the significance, background, and problem statement?

Are the study variables and population identified in the purpose?

  • Are the objectives (aims or goals) clearly expressed?
  • Do the objectives or questions seem to direct the study methodology?
  • Is there a formal hypothesis stated, and if yes, does it clearly identify the relationships among the variables?
  • Which type of hypotheses is stated? 
  • Are independent, dependent, or research variables clearly identified in study?
  • Are the variables measured in the study consistent with variables identified in the purpose, questions, or hypotheses?
  • Are the extraneous variables identified and controlled?
  • Objectives and Questions
  • Hypotheses
  • Associative vs Causal

Simple vs Complex

Nondirectional vs Directional

Statistical vs Research

Study Variables