MHS Capitalism Classical Thinkers Question

MHS Capitalism Classical Thinkers Question


In a way or another all the thinkers we have read and discussed in the first part of the “Classical Thinkers” module of our course have something to say about the social conditions resulting from the implementation of Capitalism (itself understood as the dominant economic system that emerged after the Industrial Revolution). With this in mind, please choose two of the thinkers we have studied in the second section of the course thus far (namely, Marx, Weber, Gramsci, Althusser, Foucault) and explain:

1) what they have to say about what characterizes life under Capitalism (what is problematic –if anything– about it), according to each of the thinkers of your choice

2) whether you think their insights are still relevant today or not (please make sure to unpack your answer –don’t just reply “yes” or “not”!)