MGT 422 Organizational Culture and Autonomy Discussion

MGT 422 Organizational Culture and Autonomy Discussion


Organizational Culture and Autonomy

Please answer the following questions:

Why is trust important for project teams? Where does trust fit in Spotify’s culture? How can a project manager build trust? Spotify’s organizational culture is based on several core ideas. Tell us about one that you believe is most important (I know it is hard to choose – pick one) and why it is important.

Here you have the links to the weekly supplemental insights that are required to answer this questions on Spotify:

Spotify Engineering Culture – Part 1 – YouTubeLinks to an external site. Links to an external site.

The Individual Discussion Assignment (worth up to 20 points) consists of posting answers to the question for the course week. (Note: the one that was just described to you).

Compose a structured post of two to three paragraphs, which restates the question(s), contains a developed body that flows well, and a conclusion.

You need to support your posts with references [1]. The ideas in our text and supplementary content may not provide the insight needed to answer the question fully in addition to our text(s); use web resources, academic papers, and news articles as references (remembering that each source has a bias). List your contacts at the bottom of the post [2] (please use more than a URL!). In the case of well-known quotations by famous people, you only need to identify the speaker, not the specific work.