Mental Health Risk Discussion

Mental Health Risk Discussion



Section I

Does the writer provide enough information on the video that you can identify what source is being analyzed? What information is missing?

Put the main point (thesis) of this paper in your own words.

Put stars at the beginning and end of the sentence/s or phrase you believe best states the main point (thesis) in this paper.

Does the main idea (thesis) convey the writer’s specific reading of the source’s message to its intended audience? Suggest improvements for the expression of the main idea.

Section II


Underline the topic sentence of each body paragraph. Does the topic sentence contain a claim about how the source uses a specific rhetorical appeal or technique to get its message across to its intended audience? Suggest improvements for the claim.

Are there enough examples in the body paragraphs and are they appropriate for supporting the topic claim? Does the author analyze each example? Provide at least one suggestion for improving analysis.

Make an outline of the paper. Does the paper proceed in a logical and consistent order? Suggest any changes that should be made.

Is it clear when the author is quoting or paraphrasing material from the source? Suggest any changes that need to be made.

Section III

Does the author remain objective? Does the author maintain an academic tone? Suggest any changes that need to be made.

Does the conclusion assert what the author of the paper has learned from conducting the analysis? Provide any suggestions for improvement.

Review “What I’ll Be Looking for when Grading” on the assignment sheet. What issues do you see that the writer needs to address?

Section IV

What do you find most compelling about this paper? Put brackets (i.e., [ ]) around any phrases or sentences that you found particularly strong or effective.

Highlight any sentence or paragraph that you had to re-read carefully to try to figure out what the writer is saying.

Highlight any line you see that you believe contains a spelling, grammar, or punctuation error, a sentence fragment, or a typo. (Don’t label it; just highlight it. Let the writer find the problem and correct it.)

Make sure that Google Drive has saved your comments before closing out of the Google Doc.