Mental Health & Emotions Case Study

Mental Health & Emotions Case Study



This week’s assignment is a reflection on your own mental and emotional well-being. Based on the readings and lecture material this week, think about two main goals you either have or would like to have for yourself that contribute to your mental and emotional well-being. The articles talked about a range of ways—some more obvious than others, especially in terms of university athletes. If you’re already striving for these goals, how are you doing them and how would you say it’s going for you? If you aren’t already doing them, describe how you would like to do them and why. This is a private exercise meant to introduce a bit of self-reflection and self-awareness into your day; not to induce guilt, shame, or judgment. We are all at different stages in our mental and emotional journey. Present your thoughts in a 300-400 word written piece or a 2-3 minute video or audio recording (mentioning references out loud). Be sure to cite any material from the readings, the course, or any other sources you use to shore up your points, and include a bibliography at the end using a recognizable citation style. The assignment is due by Thursday, October 6th at 10 AM.

Example: One of Cheryl’s current goals is to improve her ability to “let go of mistakes and grudges,” which was a sign of emotional intelligence outlined in the Forbes article (Santilli, 2022, para. 7). Specifically, she wants to judge people less for their errors and not dwell on the negative feelings she feels towards them as a result. In order to accomplish this, Cheryl tries to put herself in the other person’s shoes and have compassion for them and she self-reflects by journaling about why she reacted negatively in the first place. One of the interviewees in the Forbes article confirmed that these strategies are useful since it is important to “lead with self-awareness and empathy” (Santilli, 2022, para. 11). Cheryl gives herself a 3/5 in terms of how this goal is going for her because she does a great job of it with her students, but not always her family members.