MBA 597 Saint Leo University Target Consumer Demographic Group

MBA 597 Saint Leo University Target Consumer Demographic Group


Locate a scholarly article relevant to marketing strategies–and for your business, describe who would be your “target consumer demographic group” and how you would reach them most effectively. The target consumer demographic group are baby boomers and millennials. Two to four pages double spaced is fine.  

Always, precede writing assignments with a title page and conclude it with a separate reference list page of source(s) used. 

Please use more than social media ads as a marketing strategy. I have uploaded all of the information on my business to help you. 

The book used: Scarborough, N. M., & Cornwall, J. R. (2018). Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (9th ed.). Pearson. Use other references than the book and cite all references and in text. 

My company’s name will be Sensuous Bubbles, and it will be an LLC. The business plan is on natural soap/cleansing products( face soap/cleanser, body soap/wash, body face/scrub, feminine wash, and body oil made with essential oils and other natural products( Tumeric, dried herbs, etc . They will be homemade, and I will use social media, billboards, and mail to advertise.