Marketing Plan (Ass

  Marketing Plan (Ass


Marketing Plan (Ass. 3 – week 4) – Defining your target market is at the heart of this section — age, HH income, available discretionary dollars, average spend in the category, frequency of purchase, media usage, etc.  Details matter here.  Also, as you build out your marketing plan, be very detailed and specific. I have included a few templates you may use to guide you through the process.  Think through all target segments of your business – new customers, current customers (additional purchases and referrals), former customers (new purchases and referrals), etc.  There are always multiple channels.  Let me know if you have questions, and remember: it’s not enough to say, “Using word of mouth and social media because it is free.”  That is not a marketing plan. You will need to consider digital advertising, traditional advertising, paid social, radio, outdoor, customer relationship management direct marketing for retention and referrals, etc.  There is a marketing plan template in the course info section that will definitely help you.

Target Demographics From a media perspective

Marketing Objectives 

Marketing Strategy 

Social Media Marketing with costs

Mixed Media Marketing with costs

PLC/ILC/GIS (see assignment rubric)

Management Plan (Ass. 3 – week 3)

Roles and Responsibilities – job descriptions

Org Chart

Attracting and Retaining Employees 

Healthcare Benefits 

401k Retirement Plan 

Compensation Package 

Training Opportunities 

6 Steps of Economic Decision Making (Ass. 3 – week 4) and how they apply to your business