Manetti Shrem Museum Visual Analysis Essay

Manetti Shrem Museum Visual Analysis Essay


Write a 500 Word Journal Response (400 minimum to 600 maximum)

Prompt: Description, Visual Analysis (Elements of Art & Principles of Design), + INTERPRETATION

This writing exercise will fall in tandem with out Tuesday, October 11th class visit to the Manetti Shrem Museum on campus. Build upon description and visual analysis of the first two journal entries and bring a layer of interpretation to the language. Interpretation doesn’t necessarily mean write judgmentally about the work as much as it invites a moment for you to contemplate the moment the work is made, its relationship to current and past ideas, and what you might believe are the artist’s intent. Explore how building upon aspects of describing and analyzing a work can help convey its potential meaning or emotional response.

By interpretation address at least two of the questions below:
– Does it communicate something to you?
– Does it draw from any past art movements or tendencies in form and/or content?
– Does it speak to any current issues in culture at large?