LSU Data Privacy in the Media Bibliography

LSU Data Privacy in the Media Bibliography


Your annotated bibliography should consist of at least 20 articles from the media for a current issue of interest following either APA or MLA format. The annotation will include an evaluation of the validity and reliability of the source of the article and of the article itself. 

you’ll write a short paragraph about each resource. That’s the annotation.

Your annotation is your summary of and reflection on the resource you’re citing. For this course, your annotation doesn’t have to be very long, a short paragraph of about three sentences, but it should answer the following questions:

  • What is the resource?
    • Summarize the resource very briefly. Is it an article, news post, podcast? What is it about? What topics are covered in the resource?
  • Who created the resource?
    • Can you identify the author or authors? (Sometimes this is easy but sometimes is can be more difficult.) Who are they and what is their goal in writing on this topic? What authority or credentials do they have? Are they biased or objective?
  • Why are you including the resource?
    • How does this resource relate to your own research? It can seem obvious to you that an article on one topic relates to your research on a similar topic, but draw that line connecting the dots for me. Tell me why you chose this resource out of all the thousands available. Is this resource valid? Reliable?

Each citation and annotation is worth 5 points for a total of 100 points for the entire annotated bibliography. Here is a breakdown of how I will grade each citation:

  • Is the bibliographic citation present? (1 point)
  • Is the bibliographic citation formatted correctly? (1 point)
  • Does the annotation answer WHAT? (1 point)
    • What is the resource (news article, radio story, podcast)?
    • What is the resource about/what topics does it cover?
  • Does the annotation answer WHO? (1 point)
    • Who created the resource?
    • What are the credentials or affiliations of the creator(s)? (Does the creator have an obvious bias?)
  • Does the annotation answer WHY? (1 point)
    • Why are you including this resource?
    • There may be thousands of available resources on your topic, so explain to my why you are including this resource in particular.
      • Simply reiterating that a resource mentions your topic is not enough. You need to justify the resource by describing how it supports your research or analysis of the topic.