Literature Review

Literature Review


Part A: Business Process Management

Read the slides in this module titled “Sr Capstone Business Process Improvement”. Then using the Google search engine perform your own online search for the subject “business process management” to become familiar with the current landscape on this topic. Based on your reading and internet searches on the topic, answer the following questions in your own words citing the link as a reference:

1.  What is a good definition for business process management (cite the link or source)?  

2.  Provide a list of 5 leading software vendors for intelligent  business process management suites using this link: 

Then provide a list of the 3 major business consultants for business process management.  Vendors and consultants are not the same thing. 

3.  What is the purpose of the Gartner, Inc magic quadrant for intelligent business process management suites?

4.  What type of job opportunities or job listings are currently available for specialists in business process management locally and nationally?  Search on business process re-engineering or business process improvement. Also search job titles for business process analysts or business analysts. Consider remote and on site positions. 

5.   In your opinion, can the goals and concepts of business process management be adapted or scaled back for small businesses?

Part B:  The Trusted Advisor

Using your textbook for this course address the following questions:

1.  What are the three “soft” skills a trusted advisor needs to have? 

2.  Which of the above three skills do you personally find most challenging and why?

3. Which 3 of the traits that trusted advisors have in common do you feel are most important and why?