LIT 305 Literature of Migration

LIT 305 Literature of Migration


Rewriting “Heading Somewhere” or “Strawberry Fields” (Class replacement activity)

We have discussed forms of narration in class and the ways  narrators imbue the text with their values, judgments, and assumptions about the people, places, and events in the story.

Today’s replacement activity asks you to creatively rewrite a passage from “Heading Somewhere” or “Strawberry Fields” by changing the form of narration and reflecting on the rewrite. For example, Marina Lewycka’s “Strawberry Fields” is written from Irina’s perspective using first-person narration. You can rewrite a scene from this story using second or third person would change the perspective from “I” to “you” (second person) or “she” (third person). In “Heading Somewhere,” the story is written in third person narration and you can change the perspective to the first or second person, writing from the perspective of Sara or Omar (or Marianne).   


First person narration: “I walked to the end of the road and turned left.”

Second person narration: “You walk to the end of the road and turn left.”

Third person narration: “She walks to the end of the road and turns left.”

Try to select a passage that you believe would be interesting to consider from a different perspective. Conclude by reflecting on the ways that the narration in your version shows something different than the original. Summarize this point in three to four sentences.