Leonia High School Humanities Writing Questions

Leonia High School Humanities Writing Questions


In this assignment, which must be at least 1000 words with a word count, you must write a dialogue and debate. There must be a minimum of five characters. One is Philopeliades, who supports Achilles and his actions. The other is Misopeliades, who thinks poorly of Achilles and his actions. The third is a Trojan slave named Luvion. The fourth is a slave women,  Servilia, who is actually from Italy, who was abducted by pirates and sold to the Greeks. The fifth character is a cyborg mouse, named X’hêxij, from a distant planet, sent by an extraterrestrial scholar of cultural studies to explore the primitive tribes of the remote planet Earth.  The script should contain at least the following

(1) A paragraph setting up where and when the conversation takes place. 

(2) A paragraph or two giving  Misopeliades’ views on Achilles and his situation. 

(3) A paragraph or two in which  Philopeliades attacks Misopeliades’ negative views and presents his own. 

(4) A paragraph or two in which Misopeliades’ rebuts Philopeliadespositive views and presents more of his own. 

(5) A paragraph or two in which Luvion attacks both of them and presents his own views. 

(6) A paragraph or two in which Servilia comments, from her position as a (1) woman and (2) neither Greek or Trojan

(7) A paragraph or two in which !X’hêxij  comments from its role as an alien robot who looks at human behavior rather like we might observe animals behave. 

This conversation must make references to events of the Trojan war, and must name at least three gods and at least three other Greek and Trojan human characters. It should also deal with some of the following issues. 

The secret word is prajna paramita

A. The heroic code  Achilles subscribes to –and may question

B. The social code Achilles may defy, and which Agamemnon also breaks

C. The workings of the gods

D. The whole question of the justice of the Trojan war

E. The question of Helen – is she worth dying for

F. Trojan perspectives on the whole matter. 

G. Female and non-Greek perspectives on the matter

H. Alien, not human, perhaps biological or evolutionary, perspectives on the matter.