Leading With Purpose: Beginning with the end in mind

Leading With Purpose: Beginning with the end in mind


Part of being a leader is to look critically at yourself to identify your strengths and areas of opportunities for growth. In the last topic, you reflected on your professional dispositions as a leader. You will now reflect on your experience in performing the roles and responsibilities of a successful school leader.

Perform a self-assessment using the rubric portion of the “Instrument for Measuring Leadership Effectiveness.” Referencing your self-assessment, write a 250-500 word narrative discussing the following:

Three or more individual professional leadership skills from the self-assessment that you would like to develop further as you prepare for a career in educational leadership, explaining why you selected them.

The professional requirements in your state for becoming a licensed school administrator and your expected timeline for achieving them. (NOTE: If you are in the Educational Leadership program and not seeking licensure, please explain this in your narrative and you may exclude the licensure requirements and steps.)

  1. Two or more professional organizations or journals you would like to join or subscribe to (or have already joined/subscribed) to help you with your ongoing professional development as a school leader.