LAPC Effects of Trophies on Young Athletes Discussion

LAPC Effects of Trophies on Young Athletes Discussion


Taking the perspective of a researcher who studies Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation, write your own contribution to the debate.PurposeLearning activities provide a low-stakes opportunity for students to engage deeply in the learning content.


Over the past decade, there has been a substantial increase in the use of participation trophies for sporting events with younger children (e.g., little league softball or flag football tournaments). This has led to a lot of debate about the various potential benefits and harms that result from these participation trophies.


Before beginning, please review the four arguments generated in response to the NYT debate on this issue: to an external site.

Write your own contribution to the debate.

1) Use the four arguments posed by the authors in the article as a model. Start with a clear title and introductory sentence stating your position (e.g., Everyone Should/Shouldn’t Get a Trophy). 

2) Provide reasoning and evidence for the position you choose based on what you learned in the readings and videos from this week. Focus on citing the learning content and not the NYT authors, we want to see what you learned from the readings, not what the authors in the news article argued. As you do, be sure to use quotations and cite your evidence appropriately.

3) Describe how children would feel winning a trophy they knew they did not earn. As you do, be sure to use the terms INTRINSIC motivation and EXTRINSIC motivation in your response.