King Saud University The American Healthcare System Discussion

King Saud University The American Healthcare System Discussion

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1. What do you think is your personal stake in changing the way our health care system works?

2. Thinking of the experiences portrayed in the film, what are the major problems in the United States’ health care system? Why hasn’t it been “fixed”?

3. Which country shown in this film do you believe gives its citizens the best care? Why?

4. Do you believe Michael Moore’s visit to different countries provides an accurate analysis of each country’s health care system? Explain why or why not.

5. What are the consequences for not having health insurance? Why is health insurance often insufficient in managing expenses? What is your opinion of health insurance?

Watch the documentary Sicko free on Pluto or Tubi or here

The above 2 links also allow you to watch this for free

I fully agree this film does get into some strong political views- however try to watch “around” the politics!