King Saud University Rhetorical Components Essay

King Saud University Rhetorical Components Essay


First, spend some time looking for an online text you might be interested in working with for your Unit 2 Essay.

Once you’ve located a text, take some good notes on its content and rhetorical components, identify the various texts related to or connected to it. Your goal here is to generate a list of sources that are connected to this text.

While we usually think about analyzing a text, like a book, in a static way that examines only the elements that are one the page, circulation analysis asks you to attend to various connected texts and their mediums. You can identify these related texts through lateral reading strategies, such as:

  • Clicking on and reading embedded media:
    • What related sources, articles, social media, or websites does the text directly link out to? Relatedly, what mediums (Youtube/News Article/Wiki page/ etc.) are these other texts published on? Read and explore this media, and remember to bring read from (and take note of!) the various technologies used to publish and share the new content. For example, if a Youtube or Vevo video is embedded on a website, click on the video to go to the Youtube page from there to see what other texts and responses you can find. Perhaps there is a description of the video or a series of user comments that are helpful for better understanding the primary text.
  • Searching for key terms, events, people, or locations described in the text:
    • Use a search tool (like Google or DuckDuckGo) to find additional information related to the primary text.
    • Track down recent news sources related to the topics described in the primary text. How do issues related to a particular post come up in news searches? How do particular key words or phrases resonate with other popular searches or trending news stories?
    • Type the topic or key terms into social media searches (such as Facebook or Twitter). What stories/memes/tweets/hashtags/photos/threads do you see?
    • Are there any Youtube videos, Ted Talks, or other forms of video presentations related to this information? What comes up?
    • Are their related podcasts? What are they?